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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Scam Email: Alex Starks

Pretty classic scam email below. So many scammers seem lately to be saying they have a store in Finland. Not sure what the preoccupation with Finland is about...

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Alex Starks []
> Subject: order
> Date: June 28, 2014 10:46:33 AM EDT
> To:
> Good day,
> My name is Mr. Alex Starks,I will like to make a purchase to my store in Finland. I run a small store and I am interested in doing business with you. i will like to know if you can work with my shipping agent in making sure your products get to me safely. My method of payment is via my u.s issued credit card ,so kindly advise which card you would require,Visa or Master Card.
> Your swift response will be highly gratified.
> Regards
> Alex Starks


  1. just got this same email, almost exact, replied, then googled and this came up. my day job we deal with this type of stuff often.

  2. Hi Isabelle,

    Thanks for getting back to me swiftly. I am looking for a suitable art piece could be painting or sculpture as a honoring present for a Turks table tennis coach and some of the officials,before the tournament ends,and I also checked your site and I couldn't get anything there...could you send me some photos...please?

    Frank Short (

    Hi Isabel,

    The association does not have a Paypal ,except they can send you a check ,we just finished a meeting now and we discussed about it .

    Sorry I am writing you late.Please pardon me I have been very busy,so let me know if I can ask them to go ahead and pay