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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Scam Email: Fake PayPal Payment

Here is a good one to watch out for!

The fake email wants you to believe someone sent you a large amount of money via PayPal and that PayPal recommends you withdraw it.

No one sent you money and PayPal is definitely not recommending anything.

The scammer wants you to click on the link, where the link (I won't share it so it won't be active, and I delinked it below in the example) looks something like this:


That can NOT be good. Do NOT click on that link!!! Delete the email and move on. Don't be a victim.

Subject: Lauri just sent you $3,182.00 USD with Paypal. Paypal recommends to withdraw it now.

From: Lauri []

Lauri just sent you $3,182.00 USD with Paypal

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Best of luck! 


  1. that's pretty obvious. I am on G-mail, and those kind of e-mail addresses automatically go to spam.

  2. Hi Kathleen,

    I would appreciate if you could help me with your domain to publish the email and website of this crook.I have just been swindled of my hard earned money and I do not want others to fall victims.If you need any proof from me,I am more than willing to provide.

    It started when I was searching online to buy a flight ticket here in the UK and the webpage came up as the cheapest air fares.He offered £525 as promotional ticket price,asked me to pay twice which I obliged since I have to save up to buy the ticket.I had paid £125 to a strange account and instead of giving me resertvation reference number as innitially promised,he came up with a drafted invoice and untraceable reference number.When I called the airline to confirm,it was debunked.The invoice he sent me boldy written,NO REFUND! Alas,I was shocked to bone marrow as he previously assured my money is refundable.

    Now,he said even If I made full payment for the ticket,I would need wait 7days for a flight ticket.I called him up and he was in no way ready to offer me a refund and even threatened me to get lost.

    I know I have lost the money but I feel,I could prevent others from falling prey.Please,find his details below:
    Tel: 02038138273
    He goes by the name:Jacob even though his accent does not correlate with such.

    Account Details I deposited:
    Account Title: TransferBee LTD
    Account Number: 81 68 50 84
    Sort Code: 60 16 32


  3. From: David Murray.
    Subject: Artwork Interest

    Message Body:
    Hi there,

    I found you online through the web search,I would like to know if i could make a purchase for your works from you. I think i should contact you for availability and price.

    Advice more details if not SOLD, so i can know how best to proceed.

    David Murray.

  4. I have also been scammed by the same company called travel craze (tel:02038138273 and 02038138271) for £1748 and claim promotional offer is no longer available just like they lied to the other guy above. They operate under two websites and have been ignoring my call ever since.

  5. Another name to look out for is James Moch! He says he wants a list of all my paintings and prices which are all there on my website anyway!
    He says he wants a big selection for an 'elite' social club but wouldn't give me any further specification when pressed. His email address said he was from the US when I googled the gmail address even though he said he was from Queensland Australia.
    Beware though because it was well written NOT bad English that is so often used by these scammers.
    He was unable to give me any titles any details he just wanted a list and prices of ALL my work.
    The emails were brief and he successfully avoided all my questions.
    The last email I received simply said
    'I am still waiting to read from you' Not such good English!
    I have since blocked him.
    No doubt the name and email address will be changed but these people just don't give up do they!

    1. This platform is for real cases of scam (beyond reasonable doubt) not mere speculations. I read your post and there is nothing pointing this individual as a fraud. We should be careful before we taint others on here. It goes a long way.
      Thank you for your observation.

    2. Yes, James Moch just contacted me. Said he was a New Zealander, single father of two, real estate investor and willing to pay big money for my paintings. He seemed to send his e-mails in the middle of the New Zealand night! Asked about shipping - seems that's how he makes his money, by offering to arrange shipping and then asking the artists to pay for it.

  6. Same mails received from « James Moch » in France :

    « Hello,
    I'll like to know if you have pieces available in your studio at the moment?
    Best Regards,
    James »

    « Hello,
    Thank you for your reply. I am looking for works that can be put in an elite social club. In a bid not to box myself in, i'll prefer to have a wide variety. It will be helpful if you sent me images/pdf of available works with their prices clearly stated.
    Best Regards,
    James »

    « Hello,
    My name is James Moch, i am a real estate investor, I reside in QLD, Australia. I do not have a website.
    Best Regards,
    James »

  7. I had a weird email exchange with someone calling themselves James Moch. I pointed him in the direction of this site asking for him to confirm his identity or the existence of the social club. I received a curt reply about his name and image being soiled and that he was cancelling his purchase with me. I'm not sure what his angle is but I found my dealings with him to be a complete waste of time. Anyone else have him say payment was delayed because the "international transfer server" was down?

    1. Unlikely scenario. Not impossible, which is why scammers come up nationalwith these, but unlikely. A normal person probably would have referred to what international transfer service was down, not be so broad.

      Two flags for these scammers. They over pay with some story as to why. Don't accept overpayments payments for ANY reason. They also will have some story as to why you need to wire money to someone else, a shipping company, their "wife" MN ade a mistake, etc. If you are the seller do not wire money to anyone for any reason. Chances are very high you are dealing with a scammer.

    2. Hi I came across this thread because I have been trying to find out about this James Moch as well. I have also recently received an email from James Moch, similar far too brief text about having interest in pieces. This isn't very legit, he doesn't identify himself properly, and simply writing one sentence.