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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free Book Giveaway Contest Feb 4- March 7, 2013 Signed Copy

Please feel free to enter my book giveaway contest on

I've been helping people for years avoid online scams and I wrote Top 10 Email Scams and Social Media Scams to help spread the word further on how to avoid Internet scams. I want to continue my crusade to reduce the number of victims from these criminals.

This giveaway focuses on my second book, in printed book format, in the series. In Social Media Scams you will learn to recognize and avoid all the top scams currently in use online - it covers scams on Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Craigslist, dating sites and more. It will be a signed copy. It is 220 pages.

The contest runs from February 4 through March 7, 2013 on

Stay safe out there!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Scam Email: Tamara Walter


It is so difficult to get an email to you via your blog?

But I've been scammed before and wanted you to add another email to your blog for other artists to watch out for.

Tamara Walter  -

Email Content:

I am emailing to inquire about availability of artwork for sale in your
gallery, if you can ship international and also if you are able to process
Electronically Visa and Master Card Number/Expiry date/Cvv as payment. Let
me know so that i can communicate with you on the artworks that interest
me,you can also indicate to me which of the arts are sold and which are
available on your website.
I will be looking forward to reading from you.

Thanks Katie ... You're doing great things to help others.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Scam Email: Teresa Palmer

Here is a scammer that has put a really long number in their disposable email account, no doubt setting up hundreds of these to use in their scam.

In this particular scam, the scammer is saying they will pay with paypal - because users think this is the safe way to avoid scammers. But it is not. What the scammer does is they create a fake payment confirmation email that looks exactly like it is coming from paypal, but it is not. There is no money sent to paypal. But the trusting victim thinks money has been sent. The scammer is hoping before the victim ever bothers to manually check their paypal account, they will have already forwarded money to the scammer via wire transfer (supposedly for the nonexistent shipper) and the scam is already over and the money gone. Doesn't work in every case, but unfortunately, it works in far too many cases.

Moral of the story? Always open a brand new browser window, type in manually and log into your account and check it before sending any money anywhere.

Bottomline moral of the story? NEVER ever ever wire money to someone. Make this rule for yourself and you will avoid this scam.

NEW scammer ?????

Hello i saw you listing on and am interested i want to know if you still have this item available for sale?i can only pay through pay pal.please get back to me on my private email address..


Thanks for the lovely respond to my purchase of your Painting i really want to buy the item from you as soon as possible..Currently am not in the state travel to have a program but will soon be back home...I want you to know that i have the pick up agent who are coming for the pick up of the item from you after i make the transfer of money into your PayPal account..

Now i will want you to get back to me with your PayPal email address and your final asking price for the item so that i can make the transfer into your PayPal account soon.

I will be waiting to read from you soon..


1. all of them are on BOAT or TRAVELING AROUND THE GLOBE ?
2. they all have some AGENT to pick up ART ?

HMMM ???
Thanks for your* HELP !*

Monday, January 7, 2013

Scam Email: Lisa James

Thanks for your Blog!

I just received this!

I was about to pull art for this person!!

I posted a thanks on your face book too... You are awesome!

-----Original Message-----

From: Lisa James. []
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2013 4:03 PM
Subject: Artworks Inquiry...


Hope this message finds you well. I saw these creative works on your website
and i will like you to get back with more details if they are still
available for purchase.

Purple Ocean , Reflection and  Embrace

I will appreciate an urgent reply.

Best Regards,

Lisa James.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scam Email: Wagner Antonova

Dear Kathleen,

Thank you for your blog and information. I regularly get emails from artist scammers.

This name I couldn't find on your scammers list. Maybe it will help somebody.

Kind regards,

03 Jan 2013 om 14:59 heeft Wagner Antonova [] het volgende geschreven:

Good Day,

I see this your beautiful work through my searching, do you still have it available? The work am talking about is listed on the Subject of my email, i will be expecting the price if you still have it available.

I wish you Happy new year.
Wagner Antonova

second email:
Van: Wagner Antonova []
Datum: 3 januari 2013 22:25:36 GMT+01:00
Onderwerp: Transaction Proceeds.

Dear Olga,

Thank you for your reply and the Information about the Painting, The price is okay by me.

Regarding the Payment I will issue you a cheque for easy auditing, it will be a cashier and as well certified, "advised by my Auditor" I will inform you as soon as the payment is been sent out from my office here Berkshire United Kingdom.

I will be needing your information to process your payment ASAP. We may also speak on Skype if you wouldn't mind in other to discuss about the transaction verbally.

Name on Check;
Phone Number;
Skype ID;

Also i want you to know that i will appoint a secured shipping company that will come for the pickup of the Pieces in your destination, and then deliver it to me here in the UK. The shipping fees will be added to your payment. I have had bad experience with FedEx and UPS in the past. So I guess a guaranteed secured shipper will be preferably considered and appoint for the pickup.

Am on Skype as:  wagnerantonova.

Wagner Antonova.