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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scam Email: Edmund Vale

This scammer was bold enough to try and go for a high amount. At least they lost money on sending the bad check via overnight. That always pleases me. Here is what an artist just wrote to me:

I've just had 20 emails and a phone call from a person 1st named Vale Edmund then Edmund Vale: the same "person" who contacted Victoria Fuller!
His email: And his MO is the same: a new office, a friend likes my work, he wanted the most expensive piece and that I'd get a cheque in overnight mail.... I did with $3,000 extra "to cover shipping."

Turns out the shippers will bill him directly and he asks that I return the $3,000 via Western Union. I Googled his name and found your site and Victoria's post about him!

The Federal Reserve Bank refused to cash his check because it was written on a closed account. Western Union told me that scammers often request money transfers through them because apparently the recipient can't be tracked.

Vale's emails were worded exactly as scammers with other names who are reported on this site: "I look forward to reading from you soon."

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