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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scam Email: Kessler Cole

Well, here is another classic scam email. We've seen many versions of faked names using "Cole": Robert Cole, Rose Cole, Alfred Cole, Katty Cole, Thompson Cole, Cole Johnson, etc. Now we can add Kessler Cole to the list. 

While this scammer is waiting for the potential victim to reply once before revealing the next part of the scam (that they are working or living in a foreign country and have a shipping company who will be moving all their possessions or handling the shipment of the artwork; and that they will send a certified check overnight or pay by credit card [which will turn out to be a stolen number but not reported as stolen yet]), they often ask some initial simple question - usually asking for a volume discount, what the prices are, or can they arrange for them to be framed. Then they get you to reply and continue on with the steps of the scam.

This emails demonstrates other classic signs - the period in odd places like at the end of the subject line and after their name at the end of the email, as well as that classic lack of proper space after commas and/or periods in their sentences.

The artist who forwarded this to me also said she has never received an email from an actual art collector who used all capital letters in the subject line, so that is what got her suspicious. It's a valid additional clue." much discounts are you willing to give" also highlights typical poor grammar in scam emails.

If you are dealing with a Kessler Cole, you can stop wasting your time. It's a scam.
From: Kessler Cole []

  I came across your artworks on internet search,I am interested in purchasing the following artwork from you (name of 2 pieces of artwork inserted here copied and pasted from the artist's website) from you.

Let me know if the artwork is still available and how much discounts you are willing to give?I will await your advise on how to proceed.Have a wonderful day.


  1. I just got the same email from Mary Dupe (appropriately named)

  2. wow, I can't decide if they are laughing at us with this choice of fake names or they are that stupid...

    thanks for sharing!

  3. Just went through a similar (almost exact) email trail from a Dennis Moore (supposedly from Hawaii relocating to UK wanting a piece for his apartment. Received his check that did not fund (cost me $10) and then he wanted me to send an amount to his "shipper" BEFORE he would fund the check. Needless to say we say no thank you. Googled the address he used and found your page. BEWARE. Turning my email stream to FBI.

  4. Yes, we've reported several times on the fake name of Dennis Moore as well as Dennis Morgan.

    It is unfortunate it cost you $10 to find out the check was not good. It never is. And they were never going to fund it because what they are after IS the "difference" they were asking you to send to the shipper (there is no shipper - it is just them).

    Be thankful you didn't lose more and if they sent that check to you overnight, then at least they spent a little of their money doing that.

    And they did send a fraudulent check so you can report to the FBI as well as the postal service (if they used USPS) or to UPS if they used that. I don't think FedEx has a specific link for this problem, but you can check their website as well.

  5. Hi Kathleen,
    I came across your scam list on the web. Very nice, 'cause I just got an email from "Mary Dupe". I looked her name up on the web, as I do all of my potential customers....and that's how I came upon your list.

    Most of the scams for some reason come out of the UK, I'm finding. If I seean email with anything in the email suggesting it's from the UK, I know it'sa scam. This email also demonstrates bad english as you wrote ("how much
    discounts") and it is signed with "Regards" (another clue for me). Also aperiod at the end of her name is also a clue for me.

    Unfortunately, I just deleted a bunch of scammers in my gmail contacts 'cause I just got a new android and I only wanted to sync my "true" contacts. But if you'd like, I will forward them on to you as I get them. Thank you for putting it out there for us artists! You truely are doing a great service.

    Here's a copy of her email to me....

    Dupe Mary
    show details 9:12 AM (39 minutes ago)

    I came across your artworks on internet search,I am interested inpurchasing the following artwork from you (names of pieces inserted here ) from you.
    Let me know if the artwork is still available and how much discounts you are willing to give?I will await your advise on how to proceed.Have a wonderfulday.

  6. We can guess it is the same scammer as "Kessler Cole" mentioned above because your email is *exactly* the same wording and just the fake name, email has been changed (as well as plugging in the name of your pieces they see on your website). But really, this is completely identical in every other way.

  7. Also recieved the email from Mary Dupe. One of my colleagues carried on a lengthy email chain before passing to me and I was suspect of the name.


    tried the paypal scam

  9. Just got tried on with the pay pal scam by

    who ever it is is using other emails such as -

    and the ebay name - emmellewr


  10. Hi i got an e mail from and he wanted to know how much we would go down to then asked for my pay pal address and he would transfer the money into my account. Then we got another e mail saying he had left his bank card at home and the courier would not pick it up till they received the money up front and as he had not got his card he could not pay, so if we could help him out and pay it, he would transfer the cost into our account. So i e-mailed him back saying if he wants the item he sorts it out himself otherwise he had no deal. After that e-mail he never replied so i knew this person was not genuine.Beware it does not happen to you.

  11. Is this one of "your" scammers. Thank you, Frank

    Sent: 5/8/2014 7:52:45 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
    Subj: Re: Above the Orchard Dimensions: 20" x 28"

    It's my pleasure reading from you,i really like your piece of the artwork,("Above the Orchard" ) I'm so much in love with it lol,and i want to have it purchased immediately.I was not able to respond your message on time because I'm presently on a peace keeping mission,i have limited access to internet.I would have personally appreciate to have it purchased in person and to meet with you could have also been a great privilege.The price is totally acceptable by me $275 i'm sure its framed ? i will authorized a certified check payment to you immediately i can get hold of your information,I will be relocating to New Mexico soon and i'm buying this particular piece for my father in law and i want it to be delivered as a surprise.Please consider the piece of the artwork sold to me.However, You don't have to worry about shipment, my shipper will handle it.I'll notify my shipper who's helping me move my stuffs from Philippines to New Mexico to get set for the pickup of the piece from your address as I do not know how long i might be away in Afghanistan In the mean time, you could forward me your full name (you want the check payable to) cell phone no. and contact address so I can authorized the certified check to you online,i will not want any delay due to my inability to get hold of the internet on a regular basis. I wait to read from you soonest

    Best Regards

    In a message dated 5/7/2014 7:54:49 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
    _bradlycole1982@gmail.com_ ( writes:

    Good day
    I'm so impressed and amazed to have seen your various works,i'm very much interested in purchasing your beautiful works, and i will want to purchase original painting of "Above the Orchard Dimensions: 20" x 28" I will be glad to receive price quotes.Waiting in anticipation for your response


    1. I received the same 2 emails from Bradly Cole. He initially asked the price for a painting that was $28,000, and then replied saying his range was $2,000 - 3,000.