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Friday, March 25, 2011

Scam Email: Thomas Bill

We have reports on this under the comments section of Robin Map scam report as well. Time to give this one it's own page!

From: Thomas Bill []
Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 7:22 AM
Subject: leave the shame behind


I go through your art work and i really like your creative, due to this i really have the interest in buying this your work, so kindly email me the price of it and the info about the work because i really like it and also my wife also have an interest in it as well because we saw it together from your web and we want to buy it.

Hope to read from you,

Best Regards.



  1. hi kathleen
    thank you very much for putting your art scam infos on the web!
    i was very happy to find that precious information as i was contacted by
    the (already famous) thomas bill...
    thanks again and best greetings from vienna

  2. I got an email requesting pricing on products on my website. The person inquiring was Tomas Bill from Hortenzia Kovacova. Horne 61 08121 Dolne,Slovak Republic. He said he wanted to order huge quantities and pay via Visa or Mastercard. This is a huge red flag for us as we have been burnt before. I told told him he needed to do an email transfer of funds for us to even start pulling the order. People really need to get a job and stop trying to scam honest people for money!

  3. Just got this.... looked sketch, so I googled, and here ya go.
    Jeez, it makes me sick, and sad.
    Oh well good thing we can do our home work, just sad that we have to.
    Here is what we received.

    Good day Sales.

    I browse through your contact and I find some items which we have interest in purchasing to my store in Slovakia for urgent supply, I will like to know the prices per each items minus the shipping cost,I also want to know the kind of credit card you accept for payment e.g master card or visa card.

    I await your quick response so I can proceed with my needed items and quantity

    Thank you

    Rowz Packwel

    Company Name: R.K.P Inc
    Company Address: Hortenzia Kovacova. Horne 61 08121 Dolne,Slovak Republic
    Tel: +421 887 754 3060

  4. Seems that Thomas Bill has changed nothing but his name..... Rowz Packwel
    Regards from Portugal

  5. I just received the same email from Rowz Packwel, I am just giving to SPAM! Thanks for advice

  6. I received the same email too. Just had one communication with the so called Rowz Packwel.
    His way of doing business is not normal by common sense. So be careful.

  7. I just received this email. It looked suspicious to me right away. Thanks for confirming it isn't legitmate!

  8. received the same inquiry from Rowz back in September 2011 regarding the wholesale arts and crafts products my company sells. will deleted his file now thanks to this!