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Friday, July 15, 2011

Scam Email: David Williams

There are lots of things you can learn by glancing at the full headers. Of course, I immediately knew this was a scam because I am an artist and don't sell the items listed below. They are playing a numbers game and hardly care about anyone who doesn't actually match their email. They only care about those - in the hundreds of thousands of emails they send out at any given time, that SOME will be people who sell those items and think they have a real buyer.

But let's get back to the headers. So I view the full headers and I immediately see the email came from an IP owned by I google it. I *don't* go to it. I just google it. It's not in english and its a joomla site (like wordpress) so now I'm guessing the owner doesn't even know the scammer hacked into their site and is using it to send out massive amounts of spams.

Interestingly, the line with X-PHP is more revealing. It is the scammer software script this cockroach used to send out the massive amounts of spams and the IP number for that sourced to Gambia, Africa. That is probably where the scammer is sitting.

David Williams (or Lin Williams or Rose Williams or Terry Williams - you get the picture) is a common fake name lots of scammers use, and the gmail account to correspond with their potential victims who do reply is a disposable gmail account.

By the time I look at the actual content of the email and where they pretend they are from, it's all already so obvious that it's all made up.
Return-path: []
Received: from ([]:38106
X-PHP-Script: for, (The Gambia, Africa)
Subject: Order Quote
From: David Williams []

Hi Sir/Madam,

      We are requesting pricing for the items mentioned below through  your store, kindly get back to us if any of this items can be supply as soon as possible  also advice on your payment methods.


1) USB Flash Drives 2 / 4 GB
2) Mirco SD CARDS 1 GB
3) HEW C9730A HP OEM Black Laser Toner Cartridge

We look forward to read from you soon.

Best Regards

David Williams
234n Palm Ave,
Hemet,CA 92543
818 358-0535

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