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Friday, January 13, 2012

Scam Email: Johnson Mark

It's entertaining when the scammers don't even comprehend what order to put the first and last name for their fake email information.

FROM: Johnson Mark []

My name is Johnson Mark, i will like to order for some piece of your work from your studio as gift for my parent are celebrating their wedding anniversary, so i will be glad to have your reply as soon as possible, i will be glad if you can send me your website address to choose or send me four of your artworks via email that is available for me to choose. Waiting to read from you that we can make some progress.
Best Regards,
Johnson Mark.


  1. Hi there - I had a comment from a reader on my blog post that I found quite interesting. I am an artist, with a website, and had been contacted by a scammer. I eventually caught on and made a blog post about it. People searching internet art scams sometimes get directed to that blog post. What you may find interesting is that my name is Mark Johnson. I wonder, is this scam you have dug up some sort of payback? Or am I just being a tad paranoid . . .

  2. That is funny, but probably a coincidence. I'm guessing they have some kind of poorly functioning program that randomizes fake names for them. It must be poorly functioning because we have seen where "last" names are used as first names and first names are used as last names.

    with a common name, it is probably only a matter of time before some scammer uses that or some close variation of that (like this scammer getting it backwards).

  3. Very common name is Jack wilson who.can use that in many ways ran across guy pretending to be a soldier calling himself jack Wilson but was a scammer

  4. Just had an e-mail from Johnson A. Mark who claimed he was a barrister in the UK and needed to contact me for a client he had with the same last name. He said he needed to meet with me personally for an hour and all I had to do was verify my last name. It scares me to think people are stupid enough to fall for this crap.

  5. Same happened to me in the USA today, Johnson A. Mark aka He used the same line about contacting me for a client with my last name. Reported it as Phishing.

  6. thank you sam happened to me today. I appreciate this advice

  7. What do you know? Johnson A Mark seems to know and represent an awful lot of dead people! Including my supposed relative (deceased).

  8. Happened today to me. Thanks for the earlier posts which confirmed my suspicions.

  9. Add another to the Johnson A Mark client list.

  10. He's branched out and we just received a request for pricing on packaging equipment to be paid for via credit card....

  11. this scammer still active


    Thank you for your email. I am writing you regarding something that will benefit both of us. A client of mine passed away 2007 alongside his family on an accident and left behind 14.7M, no beneficiary, nobody knew about it, hence no claim, no deposit, no withdraw has being made since his died and family.

    My findings show that my client has the same last name (SURNAME) with you; I am seeking your consent to present or front you as beneficiary to my late client estate

    Since you have the same last name and no beneficiary. There is information to enable us claim legitimately.

    I have made several inquiries from here to locate any extended relatives, which has proved unsuccessful for me and as well monitoring the account if any deposit or withdraw will be made but none. If this suits your interest, please send your Full names, Private phone, fax, address and profession for more details.

    I guarantee that this will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law. Upon your agreed to help, then we will share the funds half.

    I await hearing from you as soon as possible

    Best Regard,

    Mr. Mark Johnson