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Sunday, September 23, 2012


This scammer is not letting on much in their first email, which they use to screen out people who do not reply. They don't even mention any product or item and have no idea what I "sell". Notice the Reply-To is a different email address. I'm confident their second email would provide more clues as to the next step of the scam, which would be mentioning the shipping company. They would overpay for their order with a counterfeit check or stolen credit card number and ask you to pay the shipping company for them out of the total amount - via wire transfer of course, because then once the scammer has your money, they and your money are gone and untraceable.

Usually these scams use a fake personal name as well. This scammer seems to have stuck with just using the company name. Sometimes they make up the name and sometimes they just grab the name of some existing company. No matter. Their scam works because victims accept overpayments and they are willing to wire money to someplace else. Don't do either one of these things and you'll be fine.

Return-path: []
Received: from User [] by with ESMTP
Reply-To: []
Subject: Product Inquiry><<<
Dear Seller,

We are interested in your products,Would you please provide us with the
following information:

1. Prices FOB
2. Payment Terms
3. Handling Time
4. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
5. Specified delivery date from the Date of Order

We would appreciate a quick reply.

Best Wishes,

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