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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Scam Email: Simeon Ducroux

Thanks for your Art Scam blog. My partner, Liz, received one of these emails yesterday. Your blog helped us confirm our suspicions that it was a scam.

Thank you so much for combatting this scourge!

Kind regards


Email attached below.

From: Simeon Ducroux [[]]
Date: 26 augusti 2013 13:02:09 GMT+01:00
Subject: Re: Craft Purchase
Reply-To: Simeon Ducroux [[]]

Hello ,

            You must have devoted so much time and effort to create this pieces that i am about to purchase because i can vividly see the uniqueness of the pieces. Your work also have  a pleasant and a suiting feeling, I am so sure it will bring comfort and happiness into my life. The piece listed below are the one's i will be purchasing.

[ name of six pieces and prices were inserted here]

Payment for those pieces will be made by cheque from bank in Europe and the  money can be withdraw from my account, i will be issuing €7,920 to cover the cost of the piece and shipping of your work.

I have some Furniture to be picked up from a store in Bremen,so you will deduct your fee from the payment issued to you and have the rest disburse to the shipper that will come over to your location to pick up your work and have it delivered safely to me at my residential address in Sydney,I would inform the shippers about it after have heard from you.They will just come over to your area to pick-up the piece and then have them delivered to me.Before i can proceed to issue to you the cheque  i  will be needing your contact details and phone number to write and send the cheque to you.The address written below is my address for shipping.

My address
29 O'Connell St,
Sydney NSW 2000,


  1. I got a similar E-mail by Simeon Ducroux in July. In my case he "lived" in Melbourne. And he didn't said a word about take care of the shipping by himself. I also searched for his name in Google. But I couldn't find something suspicious. So I did some research what the transport to Australia would costs. You know, I thought it was a real contact in that moment. And after I mailed him that the costs for the shipping are much higher than the amount he set, I've never heard of him. Now I know it was an art scam.

  2. I got also one from Simeon Ducroux (the last contact today), first he lived in Melbourne, then he wants an invoice for Dubai.

    Simeon Ducroux
    You must have devoted so much time and effort to create this pieces that I am about to purchase because I can vividly see the uniqueness of the pieces.Your work also have a pleasant and a suiting feeling, my boss at the company I work for, saw me viewing your work and he is interested in having some of it displayed in our new office so I will be purchasing on behalf of my company the following artwork.

    1,2,3,  1400 $ (US) each 40 x 60 cm.

    4,5,6, 1400 $ (US) each 40 x 60 cm.

    7    90 x 60 cm  800 $ (US)

    90x60cm 0800 $ (US)

    60x40cm 0600 $ (US)

    if you choose 3:

    90x60cm 2000 $ (US)

    60x40cm 1400 $ (US)

    Payment for those pieces will be made via bank wire transfer. I  will be needing your banking details in the format below :

    Bank name
    Bank Full Address
    Account name
    Account Number
    SWIFT Code
    Routing number
    Sort code

    And any other necessary information that will be required to make the transfer.

    The address below is for the invoice.

    Simeon Ducroux.
    Mall of the Emirates,
    Sheikh Zayed Rd.
    Dubai -
    United Arab Emirates

    Note: We will require your full address and phone number also.