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Friday, August 6, 2010

Puppy Dog Scam

This is not art-related but just a heart-tugger.
There is a scam floating around advertising to adopt this puppy. The scam type is used in many ways but the category of scam is called the "Advanced Fee Scam". In this case, they ask for an adoption fee and transportation costs - for a puppy that will never arrive. Typically the payment has been made via Western Union and is virtually untraceable. A bunch of puppy lovers seem to be falling for this one.

They certainly did find a photo of a damn cute puppy to use. How can you reduce your risk if you see a puppy you want to adopt online? Pay via paypal only to a verified paypal account. If you insist on that upfront, you'll never hear from them again - and you won't lose your money.

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