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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scam Email: Roberto Bocca

Here is an example scam email just forwarded to me and while it is not art related, I thought it was a great example of how other segments of potential victims are targeted as well. In this particular case, the receiver could very easily recognize it because she was not actually a massage therapist. With us artists, we have a harder time - especially when the scammer takes the time to list the actual titles of some of our work.

But this example still contains the basic flags we've come to see over and over again: "relocation", "certified check", and an offer of a number of massages just enough to get some potential victim all excited about a bunch of business (that is non-existent). Also some of these scam emails actually use a stolen email address and then switch up the reply-to email so they can get the replies themselves (most just grab a disposable email address from yahoo, gmail, or any free email service). This scammer has a particularly long "back story" right up front. We've seen art-related scam emails lately be pretty short up front and then as the potential victim replies, the scammer continue all the same steps of the scam.

From:Roberto bocca []
Subject: Enquiry for a Massage Therapist

Greetings from Milan,

                       My name is Roberto bocca, I live and work as a massage therapist here in Italy . I am 46 yrs old. I have been doing massage since 1991. I do a deep relaxation massage in which the muscles relax without pain.  I also do energy massage that helps people feel great when I am done. I am also certified to do pregnancy massage. I have lots of happy clients here in italy .

I have been looking for a massage therapist for over a week now till i met an old friend yesterday that referred you to me, her name is Serah. She used to live in America before she relocated here with her family, so i decided to contact you to know if you will be able to give my client some massage sessions when she arrives the US.

My clients name is Ms Alice Raffael, she is a model here in Italy. She will be coming to the U.S in 2 weeks time for a modeling job and will be residing in California temporarily until the neccesary arrangement for her job has been made before she leaves. She will be needing 1hr massage session per day, 2 Sessions per week for 6 weeks when she arrives.

Ms Raffael asked me to come with her to the US but i told her i would not be able to go with her to the US as i have a course i will be going for in a week time, so i promised to help her find a good massage therapist in your Area.

Pls tell me a little more about your self, how long have you been a massage therapist? Would you be able to provide her with the massage sessions from the 14th of next month to the 22nd of December, 2 Sessions per week for 6 weeks?

Pls i need you to get back to me with the amount you charge per session and also let me know if she can pay you with a Certified check drawn from a US bank?

Do send your reply to my personal email address {  } for a quick response as i do not check this email always.

Till I read from you remain blessed.

Roberto bocca
622 Via  Mercato,
Milano Italy


  1. we have received the same offer from this guy,
    thanks for posting about him

  2. Yes I have received this email as well, just last week. I responded to the email you have just used as an example. I had a friend read it and my bank read it. Thank you for the Amber Alert! Watch people. Oh I am a Massage Therapist too!

  3. Yes I received the same post. I am a massage therapist AND I met a young women this summer from Italy named Serah. Sooo, I took the hook but by the second post I was suspicious and there was no way I was getting involved with wire transfers of cash. Thank you for your service.

  4. I just got a email Today and they have changed name from Roberto Bocca to "Beretta Benell" and the model's name is "Ms Andrea Lehotska".

    my husband gave me very good point that they didn't have my name in the mail.
    I was googled the name "Beretta Benell" and just find your website.
    this is a great idea to prevent scam problem from us. thank you so for your service too.

  5. I give tennis lessons and guess who was interested?

    Yep, this guy.

    Roberto Boinelo
    622 Via Mercato,
    Milano Italy

    And gosh, who wants lessons? Why, supermodel Antonella Salvucci of course!

  6. Seems like the scammers recycle the same stuff over and over again over a long period of time.

    Glad you didn't fall for it.

  7. We own a tennis Club in Keller, TX (Shelingham Tennis), So this guy is just going down the list. Can't believe it, almost fell for this, but had that feeling so googled his name Roberto Boinelo and sure enough same deal as the previous Anonymous. His so call client is Antonella Salvucci one of Italy's top actresses & model, I am sure she does not even know him Thanks for posting it,

  8. Another tennis professional in Prescott, AZ, who got the e-mail from Roberto Boindo...exact same posting as the massage message with tennis lessons difference. I contacted Ms. Salvucci and she responded...Nooo, it is completely false; It is dangerous don't believe in this. Take more details ASAP.

    Thus I continued with the scam to see how far Roberto would go and then he hit me with all the details of the certified check, etc.

    Wonder how many people fall for this, how much money Roberto gets in a month, and where he does this from.

    Who can get him arrested? I'd like to see his face and know where he's from...just because.

    If you know how to go about the process of finding him, contact me at


  9. I've got the same email twice in a week - the first time sent by Roberto bocca, the second time Steven Parker.

    Be alert!

  10. I get scams weekly. My sister and I have smuggled our family financial assets, including money, gold, jewerly, and many 20 million bearer bonds to America. We are still here waiting for papers. Your name was given to us as a honest, trusting women. The crates need to be sent to your home, to keep until my sister and I arrive. We will give you $20 million USD. It cost all the money to send the crates to America. We paid for insurance, and all other costs to make sure our inhiertances are safe. This has wiped out our supply of money for food, lodgings and costs of fees for taxi, train, etc, until we get your call the crates have arrive. Would you kindly wire us $10,000 in USD to get lodging, food and other nessities. We will of course repay this when we arrive at your lovely home to open and destribute your funds first. YADA YADA BULL!

    I now play along with them. Just like cat and mouse. Lonely widow, no children. Husband family had money and when they died years ago, left it to my husband, and Percey my darling husband left it all to me. I travel out of country monthly. Still being so young, I love seeing anything. Percey was 30 years older then me and loved to spoil me. Yada Yada I did get one loser to wire me $1K for my dog who got hit by a car..YASA YADA SUCKERS!