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Friday, November 26, 2010

Scam Email: Sharon Collins

We've reported on a Ray Collins in the past with the same scam pitch so I'm guessing this is the same person now launching a new slew of scam emails under this name.

Here is an email I just received from an artist:

Hi Kathleen, thanks for putting this resource up!  I’ve had people buy two painting but never 5!  The whole thing didn’t seem right and a quick Google brought up your site…this time the name was

Sharon Collins,

Moving to South Africa, third party shipper etc….

Thanks again,


1 comment:

  1. Here is what we received. Unfortunately this artist is in hospice.

    Good morning to you Shelly,
    I hope this email finds you well.Let me first thank you for your patience and understanding all this while regarding this purchase,I`m very happy to inform you that the payment has been sent out today by a creditor client of my husband`s who promised to send the payment since my husband had been indispensable to be home in the last couple of months,but there are one or two faults with the payment,though it`s not really a fault but I just think it`ll be a wise thing to inform you before it arrives so that you can be sure it`s actually the payment for my purchase.

    One,he erroneously included The Shipper`s payment with your payment as he could not really understand what my arrangements were with you and two,while in Seattle,he misplaced your mailing address to mail the payment,and he was also unable to see me since I was in the hospital for bed rest as advised by the doctors because of my new baby.The payment was sent via FedEx with tracking number:794161232649 and according to him the payment should be delivered to you this morning.

    Therefore,upon arrival I`ll want you to deposit the check and once processed by your bank remove your asking price and forward the rest of the money to the Freight company from which arrangement will be made for the shippings of our housewares from Seattle and to also pickup my shipments from you to be shipped to Jo-burg.

    I`m very sorry for the inconvenience,I was in the hospital for bed rest as advised by the doctors as I`m carrying another baby that is almost due so it was never a deliberate thing.I hope you understand what I`m going through to with my husband away and still carrying another baby.I do hope we can finalize the transaction as soon as possible so I can join my husband in our new home.
    I`ll look forward to hearing back from you so I can know that you got the email.
    Have a pleasant day and best wishes,
    Sharon Collins