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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Scam Email: Jene Thobela

This name is referenced under other posts - it is likely the same scammer using various fake names at the email service called But lots of people have been getting scam emails under this name so I thought I would bring it to it's own post.

Here's an email I just received:

"Thanks Kathleen for posting the art scam information. After I got this email last month, I bit to get more information and see if they were for real. Then I did an internet search for them and found some similar emails but different names used, and all were scams. Thanks for keeping the artist world a bit safer. My best to you, Brian"

From: Jene Thobela []


Hope this message finds you well.

I saw these creatives works on your web site and i will like you to
get back with more details if they are  still available for purchase.

[names of art pieces inserted here]

I will appreciate an urgent reply.

Best Regards,

This is the example we see all the time of the very brief first email to get you to reply and then they launch into the next phase of the scam (which will be something about they are either located or moving to another country and using a third party shipper) and sometimes they will wait until a third email exchange to get to the core of the scam - they will send you a check overnight and it will have a "little" (ha, ha - not so little) extra money in it and they request you deposit the check and send the "difference" to their shipper.

There is no shipper. It's just them. And their original check (or credit card) is bad.

The scammers keep changing the names and email addresses they use, but really - the content of their emails do not change all that much...

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