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Monday, May 9, 2011

Scam Email: Dawes Valez

Here is an email from an artist I received today:


They sent an initial email asking for my website address which they had 'mislaid'. then this one. got all the way through to them saying they'd sent the cheque before i found your site. thanks for your hard work. what should i do with the cheque when/if it arrives? i emailed them saying i dont accept cheques but they sent it anyway,ignoring all my requests for clarification/names of shippers etc.

First Email:
From: Dawes Valez []
Subject: Interest in your artwork

The images in your website is so fascinating and so vivacious looking at each piece of work make me know you added so much dedication in making each work come out to life  but unfortunately i lost the weblink but i was able to save your email address am writing you because i need your help to get back to your website so that i can be able to see more of  your work and purchase some for my resident
Second Email:
From: Dawes Valez []
Subject: .....: Interest in your artwork

Dear Amanda
    I keep wondering how much time and effort you devoted into your work to make the following piece a one of a kind and as i can see from the images you sent to me your work as a pleasant and a suiting feeling and am so sure it will bring comfort and happiness into my home and to those that view it. I will be purchasing the following piece listed below

[5 names of art pieces inserted here]

Payment for those piece will be made through UK bank cheque  from a firm that i recently purchase some goods from which some where not available and there had to be a refund of the initial payment i had transfered to them the refund will be in sum of  £6300 to cover the cost of the piece and shipping of the artwork i also have some House Furniture to be shipped from the New Castle  i think it will be better if the shippers picking up the Furniture can come pick up the artwork from you so as to save time because a payment issued from Poland will take months to be cleared in United Kingdom.I would let the shippers know that they will be coming over to your area to pick-up the artwork and have them delivered to me.I will be needing your contact address and phone number to write and send the cheque to you,hope to read from you soon.
My address
Dawes Valez
27 Rynek Starego Miasta,
00-272 Warsaw,
City: Warsaw


  1. Amanda,

    the check is fraudulent and you can just tear it up and throw it away. They will just move on to their next potential victim once they realize you are not going to respond anymore. At least they spent a little money sending you the fake check. Glad to hear you caught on to the scam and didn't send any of your money or art.

  2. Hello Kathleen,

    Just to thank you for your brilliant web-site regarding scammers - have received and almost followed up scam from Dawes Valez, Warsaw, almost identical to the one you reported but thankfully not deposited the cheque - it always seemed a bit odd to me but then eccentrics do exist in the art world.

    The cheque sent to me but not deposited was quite deceptive being apparently from the Transport and General Workers Union Trust Bank. I am taking it to the police....

    At least I can look through your paintings.... which I would not have found otherwise.

    Huge thanks again, Merete. (UK)

  3. Hello,

    Just thought I would pop up to say that I received very similar emails from 'Dawes Valez' too. I received a fake cheque in the post which I handed over to my bank who are now sorting the matter out (as far as they can) with the fraud squad.

    Another artist friend of mine received almost exactly the same set of emails too.

    Thanks for posting this up - I really wish I had found it earlier!

    I did google the name as soon as I received the first email as it sounded dodgy, but didn't find anything then...

    Helen (UK)