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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Scam Email: Abdul-Quahaal

This scammer went right for the fake name that doesn't even sound english, perhaps hoping that might explain the bad grammar and formatting. This scammer also wasted no time in going right for the meat of the scam, that they will use their third party shipper (which really doesn't exist). That way, they can then in a later email explain why they are sending payment for MORE than the amount and ask you to send the difference on to the shipper via Western Union. Again - no shipper. Fake payment (whether by check or credit card). Only them at the other end of Western Union, collecting up your good money in a very untraceable way.

Don't fall for it.

Return-path: [] ( Malaysia
From: Abdul-Quahaal []
Subject: Order Enquiry

Hi Sales, Am Mr Abdul-Quahaal currently based Dubai . I will like to place an order from you. I know there a lot of difficulties encountered when shipping internationally, But that will not be a problem because i am registered with a shipping company whom i have used severally without any delay nor problems with my goods. Before i place these order, i want you to notify me if i am able to place the order and most importantly: If i can make payment with my credit cards Visa/Mc because that is the only way we are set for payment now without no delay. I don't place online orders can i e-mail my ORDER needed then you can give me a quote here and make charges to my cards manually on your end ? Pls Clarify. Looking forward to your swift response then we can proceed further as soon as possible. Warmest Regards. Mr Abdul Quahaal Shipping Address: 215, III Floor, Matar Al Tayer Bldg Karama Dubai 115334. UAE. Registered in UAE, Reg. No. 1450827

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