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Monday, April 9, 2012

Scam Email: Rudd Vandel

Hi Kathleen,

I received this email last week and responded briefly to determine if he had any clue I am in Australia.  I too have that whole "too good to be true" vibe and this isn't the first time I've received one of these emails - both were people at sea, both wanted to make PayPal payments and both had an agent who would pick up "the item".  Thank you for your blog, I wasn't sure how they were making the scam work with PayPal but you have cleared it up for me.  I hope you can add this scumbag to your list!!

Thanks again

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Rudd Vandel []
Date: 7 April 2012 04:37
Subject: Re: Artwork Enquiry: [name of art piece]

 Hello,Thanks for getting back to me..I locate in Ohio .what's is your final asking price of the Item?and i am aware that the Item is located in AU but I am currently on sea for a business trip... I am paying you through PayPal and i will like you to get back to me with your PayPal Invoice because i will need to have it confirmed before making the payment.. After the payment has been made and confirmed,i have a shipping company that will be coming for the item pick up from you at your given location..Thanks

Rudd Vandel.

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