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Friday, August 10, 2012

Scam Email: Joshua Daniel

Hi Kathleen,

Here is a name and email address of a scammer and part of an email from him

Joshua Daniel
From: Joshua Daniel []
Subject: payment details needed

Hello ,

Thanks for the mail , I am very glad to read from you , I am really interested in the advert and am okay with your asking price So i have an associate of me who is owning me  the sum of 5,000 I will ask him to issue you a check , Immediately you are receive the payment you are to deduct the cost for the purchase and send the difference to my shipping agent. So i look forward to proceed as i await the needed details below to issue and send your payment immediately.
Name on cheque.
Full address.
Zipcode .
Phone number

Looking forward to read from you and also i want you to consider the ads purchase by me because i am very serious and will love to seal up this transaction with you .

He can't spell proper like
Thanks for your time keep up the good work



  1. Thanks!
    Was offering me a condo in Singapore for a very low price, said she was in London, etc... very long text!
    Other email addresses he/she uses:

  2. Hey,
    Be careful

    She is offering me in
    Location. Address: 160 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019....... ANd she/he writes to much.

    And uses the same FAKE mail !

  3. I received an email message from Joshua Lucin, this morning requesting my
    art website address. He stated that he had lived in California 21 years and
    now had bought a house in Germany and needed to purchase art. I did not
    answer. I researched his name several ways and found your site and his name
    was on the list of scammers. Thank you, Sallie

  4. Dear Kathleen,

    Just wanted to say thank you for your info re scammers!

    I am the daughter of artist. She's 91 & can no longer paint due to macular degeneration. She was contacted by Joshua Lucin from New York who was interested in purchasing two of my mother's works for the new home he just purchased in Germany where he's moving. He said he saw her work on her website. She doesn't have a website! LOL Yet she replied to him. Then he emailed her back regarding prices. It was at that point she sensed something fishy and called me.

    Sorry I have no headers since she forwarded me the emails, but you already know about this guy anyway. Thank you again for the time you have taken to compile the information that you created.


    Subject: Artwork inquiry

    Hi,My name is Joshua lucin. I lived and worked in New york for 21years.I'm in the process of moving to Germany to expand my business field. I just bought a house there and I'm interested in collecting some artworks for some spaces within my house to make it unique and beautiful.

    I went through your website and found this artworks titled "Continuum and Triangle Lady" interesting.

    May I know their pricing and availability. Additional information about the artworks would be appreciated.



    Joshua emailed her back, but my mom already deleted it. He was providing
    more personal info & inquiring about prices. Thanks to you he will never
    hear from my mom again. Close call averted. Another senior saved! J

  5. I am really really glad to hear that! She was smart in wanting to double check things and you were smart to google it.

    Another point for our team!