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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scam Email: Jose Santos

Copying this to you and wondering....It seems to be in the scam mode. 

Please advise.


I have seen some of your paintings online and recently visited your website and I am very impressed by the wonderful pieces you have on display. I will like to buy paintings from you, can you get back to me with the price range of your paintings, the shipping cost to this address Palestine Rd. Corner PR Fahad Street, PO Box 6448 Jeddah, 21442 Saudi Arabia, Falastin, Jeddah 23223, Saudi Arabia, and lastly hope you accept (Credit card) as a method of payment.

Kindly get back to me asap.

Best Regards.
We have sent emails back and forth as I'm a sculptor not a painter. I suggested that he look at my website. He requested prices, with shipping, taxes, etc. for a few pieces. I' m pretty lazy so quoted prices without packing, taxes or shipping and wrote that he should let me know, before I began to check out shippers, whether he was interested. He emailed again and asked for quotes with shipping. See below
Hello Mary,

Thanks for your understanding and detailed emailed about what you do, find below the works i would like to purchase from you [he lists the pieces, then he continues...]

I would say one of the greatest invention is the internet, with the help of the internet the world is a global village.

I am currently on the oil rig in the middle of the sea of Manifa typing this message, I love art works collections alot, that is why i have decided to open a gallery of my own as I would be retiring soon, so it is really good i met you as you have beautiful and wonderful works, since its a gallery I intend open I should have a special sections for sculptures so i would like to do business with you and will want you supplying me sculptures for my Gallery occasionally.

For a start kindly get back to me with the total cost of the works I have chosen including shipping cost and I can make payment hope you accept credit card as a method of payment as that is the most suitable for me.

Await your next email!

I writing again here. By the way I also talked with the credit card company to find out how to set up extra security. But I was still worried about credit card theft being used for this purchase.

So before this goes further, is this a scammer?  

Thank you for your assistance, in advance.


  1. Yes, indeed, this is a scam email.

    If a scammer does choose the route of presenting payment with a credit card, it is always a stolen number. If you get the number, you can report it to the credit card company and at least take that one number out of circulation. But no need to feel obligated to respond to the scammer any further, even to tell him you are not interested or know it is a scam. No need. They move on pretty quickly when they see their potential victim is hesitating and not moving through the steps of the scam.

    Just ignore any further communication from this scammer and he will move on.

  2. I just got the same email. Google the address, it is for a hotel. Play with him for a little bit though, at least have some fun!

  3. I have just got exactly the same email, word for word!!!!! what is worrying is that was sent from a totally different email address:

    The name appears as Sami Alrashed. Otherwise, the whole introduction email is identical, including the confusing and badly written address.

    1. I have this email almost word for word and exact email address as The guy lives on an oil rig and is opening up a gallery and wants me to choose paintings for him, WHAT...i'm just sayin'.Only thing is no mention of retiring(from scamming that is...)

    2. Believe it or not.. This is what I got from a fellow named Just got this one.. I think it is a scam as well.


      Thanks for your swift response to inquiries about your paintings, I am interested in purchasing nine painting from you as I am buying these paintings for my upcoming gallery in Saudi Arabia.. I would appreciate it if you can send me a list and pictures of oil paintings currently available for sale within the price range of 350-700. This will enable me make finalize my selection. My work conditions offshore as a safety person on an oil rig makes it difficult for me to go through your website picking paintings of my choice also email you as quickly as I would have liked. Please find it urgent to advise.

      As for mode of payment, the best method for me at the moment is via credit card payment and that I send you my card details and you charge it directly using a merchant account, as I have tried paying via paypal in the past but it just does not accept my cards probably because of the IP of this part of the world where everything is so sensitive. I suggest you get a merchant account mail order which would enable you process my card details without no hitches at all.

      Await your next email so I know how to proceed.


  4. Wow! This must be spreading like wildfire. I just received the same email! Thanks for posting your experiences.

  5. Submitted Information:

    William Sampson



    Seen some of your paintings online, and also links to your website and I am impressed by the wonderful pieces you have painted. I would love to buy paintings from you, can you get back to me with the price range of your paintings and the shipping cost to Saudi Arabia? And hope you accept (Credit card) as a method of payment.

    Do write me back with your reply?

    Best Regards.