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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Scam Email: Frank Bernard

Here is the text of yet another scammer with another fake name and disposable email account:

Hi Cheryl,

Good to hear back from you.I will like to proceed with the purchase of the piece. I think it is a lovely work  and i hope to give it a good home.

I will be leaving soon to Bermuda for a Reform Project Work even though it comes at a time when i am preparing for a big move to Toronto but it means so much to her (My Wife) and i should be back in few days.

Meanwhile, i will like you to forward me your Full Name,Full Mailing Address And Phone Number so i can inform my Financier Assistance on where to forward the payment Via a Certified Check.

He will have Payment Handled Immediately i have instructions given to him since his in Canada Handling Official Duties and can handle the shipping as well just to ease your stress and make things faster for the delivery and us.

The shipping address is Below...

Mary Simmons
1008 Washington street,
Beaufort,29902 South Carolina USA.

I will look forward to hearing from you so i can know how best to proceed. Cheers.

Best Regards,
Frank Bernard


  1. This is awesome!

  2. Just had a back and forth with someone and put their email in google and got to here. Funny similarities
    kindly calculate the total cost of the items,so that you can get the order processed for me. And concerning the shipment, i will be having my shipping agent coming to pickup the order directly from you because i already have some items with them in which after picking up the items they will then deliver it to me here in Norway, so i want you to get back to me with the sizes and weight of the order and also the address/location where the order will be pick up from.

  3. Thanks for this posting! I just received this email and it felt like a scam... thanks for confirming!

    Original Artwork - La Familia


    This is David Guba a worker with Inwent Intl Inc.,I saw your Ad for the Art Work (Original Artwork - La Familia) on the site and will like to purchase it but before buying it i will also like to know if it's in good condition,good to go and lastly i will like to know your last asking price for it.
    Email me at as soon as you get this email so we can go further about payment,procedures and shipping. Have a Blessed Day.