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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scam Email: Bob Larold

Here's a scammer that sent me three of the very same emails and really took no time to even change up his email. Clearly as an artist, I would have none of the very specific items he's listed in his email. He never bothered to change the personalization of his spam from some other target. Oh well, makes it easy to identify.

Return-path: []
Subject: Quote request
X-PHP-Script: for
From: Bob Larold []
Sender:  []


How are you today? I wanted to know if you have the the listed items below
in stock or maybe you can help us to get them,

1: SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER, 20amps and above.
2: Grundfos SQ Flex 11 SQF -2 Submersible pump
3: 180watt or 235watt solar panel.
4: Shurflo Pumps ( Model 9325-043-101)9300 Submersible Pump
5: DC-AC POWER INVERTER 1000watts and above and it should be in 12vdc to

Also interested in the toners descriptions below

1: HP Q6511A (11A) OEM
2: HP C8543X (43X) OEM
3: HP C9730A (30A) OEM

Please quote us your firm price for the following goods. I would also like
to know the type of credit card that you accepted in making payment when
purchasing from your company.I really appreciate your time and business.

9200 N.W 24 ST,
Stateunrise FL, 33322


1 comment:

  1. I got the exact same email. And since we deal in wholesale/retail trade, I accepted the lead. But I noticed several red flags:

    -No last name signature in the email
    -No phone number
    -No official business domain (I had a request of 50 HP toners...noone orders that much w/o the intent to resell...unless you own a huge company or you're the government. In either case, a website is not too much to ask I don't think)
    -Generic email address
    -The credit card owner has a different name than Bob (not to mention they're in two different states)
    -The shipping address, billing address, and the contact number they gave me were all located in different states: FL (ship to), CA (contact #), and MO (credit card address)
    -Unusual just sounds spammy...bad spelling, poor grammar etc.

    In any event, I didn't process the order because I was leary of it all--who doesn't need the money, but it's better to protect yourself and/or your business than to chase after money at all costs. Great post, glad I came across it by searching for his name.

    Always go with your instincts! If it ain't feeling right, don't go for it (or at least do some thorough investigation).