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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scam Email: Naomie Fashions Store

Okay, the first flag on this scam email was just annoying, and totally lazy of the scammer - the TO field was just to a list of undisclosed recipients (which probably means millions of emails). The second flag? Notice how the FROM email doesn't seem to match the name and more importantly - how the FROM and Return email do NOT at all match the REPLY-TO email (which is where all your reply emails will actually go - this is the disposable email account the spammer is using, I bet a complaint to AOL would actually get that account shit down). The content of the email is the same-ole, same-ole stuff we see time and time again in these scams.

Return-path: []
X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/11.4.20 YahooMailWebService/
From: Naomie Fashions Store []
Subject: I Am Interested In Your Products,
To: undisclosed recipients: ;

I Am Interested In Your Products,
Dear Sales

  I am Mrs Naomie George  the owner of (Naomie Fashions Store ) I am interested in your products, kindly pls get back to me so that i can be able to make selections if you are interested in selling to me,

My method of payment is Visa Or Master Credit card Payment method,and kindly pls don’t hesitate to reply back if you accept

my method of payment,

Bellow is my shipping
Best Regards
Mrs Naomie George
Naomie Fashions  Store
No 56 TRECH  Avenue 45
West Africa,

Here's a funny addition. I googled Naomie Fashion Store and while there is a Naomi Fashions, there is none with Naomie. Then I decided to google the email address: and came up with the most odd posting from that email address. Obviously, the scammer is engaged in all kinds of unseemly activities online:

magret, F, 1987, Cote D'Ivoire
Writing language: English, French, Italian
Correspondence: e-mail
Am magret odinba am girl sexy and lovely lady and i will like to meet you and share something very imporatnt to me with you and i want to know you better so that will can share something benefit for you and me together which i know that you most be a good and honest person and i believe that you will not betray me after, i need you please contact my private email so that i will be able to send my photos to you email at- ,
Ugh, so slimey, I need to go take a shower. I googled, for grins, but there were no results for that, as I suspected.

So our little slimey scammer is making use of someone else's email account, but picked a super slimey one, hoping his intended victims would just hit reply to write back to him (I know, he's pretending to be a woman) and not notice that now the replies are going to a different AOL account. I'll go submit the complaint to AOL now...


  1. thank you for posting this, this person contacted us & wanted to order our product which was over 11,000$.
    Of course after reading this we did not ship to this person.

  2. VERY helpful, thank you. I just received this scam email at my business and luckily researched it first. I appreciate the information!!

  3. same here almost got scammed for 7k from this scammer

  4. We got an email from AKFB boutique with the same address and they asked for a big order. Was also an scam so if you get somebody named Mrs Ajoua Kakro is an scam.

  5. I had exactly the same thing happen to me. I also work in the fashion industry. Got an e-mail from Andrea Smith, ABIDJAN.

    I knew it's a scam, but looks like there are victims.