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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scam Email: Charles Rooney


I think you've got another one to add to your list.  Besides all the other clues, the fact that they hadn't really dealt with the actual info in my last e-mail was a giveaway.


First email:
Charles Rooney [] wrote:

Good Day,

Do you still have this your Beautiful artwork available at the moment for Purchase? the artwork am talking about are written on the Subject line of this email.

Please let me know if they are still available for purchase and email me back their price.

Best Regards,

Second Email:
Charles Rooney [] wrote:

Dear Alysia,

Thank you for your email and the information about the pieces, now that you have notify me about the price am really satisfied with it.

I want you to know one Important thing, I should have use PayPal as the method of Payment but I have been scam before through using PayPal and that is why I have cross my mind that I will never use PayPal again for Payment method or to give my Credit Card information to people i did not know for Payment method on the Internet because of my past experience.

Meanwhile I live in Essex United Kingdom, so now regarding the mode of payment I can make available will be through Travelers Check or Personal Check or either Cashier’s Check or Money Order only.

Due to that kindly let me know the Payment method you choose out of the ones I listed above in other for me to be able to make the payment available and send it out to you, also please I hope you are a legit and straight forward Artist.

I will also need your information below in other for the Payment to be send out to you.

Name on Check;
Phone Number;
Your Skype ID;

When i received this above information then i will be able to Issue your Payment and send it out.

Also i want you to know that i will appoint a good shipping company that will come for the pickup of the Pieces in your destination and deliver it to me, reason is due to the lost of goods, breaking of Paintings and Sculpture and damages that normally happen because it has happen to my shipment several times through FedEx and UPS and so on, that is the reason i cannot use both FedEx and UPS Company again for shipment.

I want you to know that i will include the shipment fees on the Payment that i will send out to you.

My Skype ID is charlesrooney01, I will be expecting your reply.



  1. I also received the same exact email from . Thanks for adding this to your site.

  2. I've also received one of these emails from "Charles Rooney". I wasn't sure about it, and (luckily) found this blog in my search. What do you think, indicates that this a scam? How do you think the scam works?

  3. It is a scam and it is the classic check cashing, fake buyer scam. They will pay with a counterfeit check (or stolen credit card), overpay the amount with some reason (moving and need to pay a shipper or the wife made a mistake in writing the check), ask you to deposit the check and forward the extra amount (either on to the shipper or back to them), *always* via Western Union (so there is the tip-off). The check is fake, there is no shipper or wife, no one is moving, your money is good and once they pick up what you have forwarded via Western Union, it is untraceable. they could care less about your artwork and, of course, give a fake shipping address so they can not be traced. They are after the money.

    Glad to see you caught this in time.

  4. Thanks for the explanation. The email did seem a bit weird.

  5. They are still at it, got the same spiel, but using an aol account this time. And, they sent out travelers checks to my studio that I never asked for, and of course in an amount WAY beyond the amount, in an envelope with no way to trace it back. Sent all the e-mail addresses to the FBI's scam division. Katie your site rocks! Thanks!

  6. Me too, all this week but said was based in The Netherlands -mistake! because the Skype aol accound said was Essex.
    emails kept trying to get my account number and I sent on to my friends in Amsterdam who sent me this great site.
    Many thanks

  7. Hello
    Received today 12:17 PM
    Good Day,

    I see this your beautiful Paintings through my searching on Google, do you still have it available for purchase?

    Your Painting that am talking about are listed on the Subject of this my email, i will be expecting the price if you still have it available for sale.

    Sent on contact a contact form
    Artist painter
    Hope it will help

  8. re: Charles Rooney
    I check my logs and the IP address of this scam is
    P Address
    Location NG, Nigeria
    City Lagos, 05 -
    Organization Visafone Communications Limited
    ISP Visafone Communications Limited
    AS Number AS37127 VISAFONE
    Latitude 6°45'31" North
    Longitude 3°39'58" East
    Distance 4478.25 km (2782.66 miles)
    I hope it will help

  9. - Yes- they've finally stopped putting pen to paper!

  10. Re: Charles Rooney
    has a new email account in

    Has the second Cheque delivered to you, because i have not hear anything from you for some days now. I will be expecting your reply.
    Charles Rooney.

  11. A new scam name to the list: Amanda Grahams

    good use of English, moving to South Africa, mailed a fake cheque. I can't seem to identify the IP address. If you want I can provide you with a long header, if so how?

  12. Dear Kathleen,

    I saw your blog too late, fell into Charles Rooney scam, (Charles Rooney []) and wired money to his alleged shipper on the account at Barclay Bank in England.

    I did not realize that the clearing of a cashier's check takes month, I am used to it being on hold until is cleared. I filed a complaint with ic3 recently []. Are more options for filing a complaint somewhere else, like FBI?

    What I can do to protect myself?

    Rooney is to send me another fake check for another work, is it safe to cut him off, or he may have tricks in his pocket that endanger me? I sound naive, this happened to me first time.

    Luckily I saw your blog when the second scammer contacted me Amanda Grahams []

    Thank you for your blog!

  13. Gads, I'm so sorry to hear you fell for this scam. Darn! Reporting it to the site is about all you can do. And rarely does anyone get their money back. I just HATE hearing when this happens.

    We'll keep posting stuff and hopefully we can help others not fall into this trap.

    Thank you for bravely sharing your story.