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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scam Email: Luis Clarkson

Notice how the scammer email changed after the first email. And Luis is actually a male name but the scammer could care less about a detail like this when using a fake name. I'm assuming it is the same scammer who I reported on earlier this month, using the fake name Luis Huffman but having the same story about living in Fiji with her husband.

First Email:
"Luis Clarkson" [] wrote:

My name is Luis from Baltimore, Maryland. I live in Fiji with my husband. I saw some of your works which i really loved and i will like to purchase them.

In regards to payment and shipping, Do you accept credit card and can you ship to Fiji Island ?

I will await your response.

Luis Clarkson
Second Email:
From: Luis []
Subject: Re: Order - Quotation

Thanks for your response . I will like to know the availability and the cost of each selected below.

“Circle of Beauty” Photography on Canvas


"Reflections after the rain"
"Embraced by the Light"
"Colorful Honeymoon Path to the Sea"
"A Quiet Bench"


"Sunset on the Dunedin Causeway"
"Time to Rest"
"A Brilliant Day on the Causeway"
"Evening Clouds    2"
74 Naviti St,
Lautoka, Viti Levu, Fiji

Kindly send me the total cost of the above and call either UPS or DHL for a shipping quote , but if you can't ship i can arrange for the shipping . Hope to read back from you with the total cost and we can proceed and finalized my order.


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