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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scam Email: Cristina Bruce

This is the usual scam email with the latest fake name and disposable email account. Notice how the scammer spells the fake name in the headers but spells it different in the store name at the end of the email.

Return-Path: []
From: Cristina Bruce []
Subject: Placing An Order To Norway..

Good Day,

    I'm Cristina Bruce From Norway.I want to place an order and i know the difficulties encountered when shipping internationally,But that will not be a problem because i am registered with a shipping company which I've used severally times without any delay nor damage.
   Before i place the order,i want to inform you that i will be making the payment with my Mc/Visa cards because as for now i can only make payment with my US credit card account information,so if it's okay by you kindly get back to me with the contact details and please reconfirm your website so as to know if I'm right with the site.I awaiting your swift response so as to list out the items needed.

Christina-De-Bruce Shop
Michelets vei 67,
Telephone: 4767102560
Telefax : 4767102569

Warmest Regards,
Cristina Bruce.


  1. thanks guys for this post!!! just received this email...

  2. I just got this one as well, and the wording was exact. Had us going until they wanted to include their private shipping costs in our invoice and then have us make a direct payment to the "shipper" via Western Union. It just didn't add up, and after some Google searches on Internet scams, I found the same letter on your site. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Hi. Just got a similar email from a Melanie Brown of Norway. Had one last year that I reported, when you know what they are they are a bit of a joke really but for emerging artists can be tempting but the one last year was a lot better including a fake website etc if you wanted to do some background research.I did have a bit of fun with them last time once the penny had dropped asking for other artists contact details etc. They soon went away but at least I felt I gave them some wasted effort despite knowing I shouldn't give them the time of day !