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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Scam Email: Marcus Mcfadden


I recently received two messages on an art website expressing interest in some of my paintings. Excited that someone was showing unexpected interest in my amateur artwork, I took the bait. The following emails are from the recent correspondence between me and who I now identify as a scammer, thanks to your very helpful Art Scam Blog. The emails are in reverse chronological order.

Although I proceeded with what I deem to be slight caution, unfortunately I gave the perpetrator my full name and home address. Thankfully, I did not divulge any more information. Being slightly suspicious at "Marcus's" blunt, poorly worded responses and lack of information, I had planned to confirm the authenticity of the check payment once I received it.

The scammer is using the name Marcus Mcfadden, email address, IP address He originally contacted me on by sending the following message:

How are you i saw your artwork online and i must commend you are a very good artist, please i will like to buy the following artwork from your lovelly collections,so get back to me with the price of them.
Chess 1
Based on Bubbles
Will prefer you send your response direct to my email
Marcus. "

His username on this website was mmc.

I will forward you a second email correspondence from another scammer.




  1. just ran into this one, arrrg!

  2. My husband was also contacted by this same guy, and did get as far as receiving a check via fed ex from him..... I'm so glad I googled his name and came across this.

  3. Lol.. this guy sends stuff out a lot! Simple scam, don't get caught.