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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Artist Experience: Dennis Morgan Scam Email

Here's one an artist sent me to watch out for:

Hi Kathleen,

Just wanted to mention your page on email scams is great! Brava. I had to deal with a MAJOR online scam about 4 years ago, a "woman from Nigeria" wanted to buy 5 of my paintings, then her husband had a "fatal car accident" and she needed her money returned asap to pay for the hospital bills and get him home... but he had a fatal accident...!!!???!!! I had already deposited the cashiers check, but didn't send the paintings... fortunately I got out of without losing any money and my bank determined it was a counterfeit check... I learned to be VERY skeptical about selling my work online. SO, tonight I got an email from: Dennis Morgan / /

I Facebooked his name and came up with your page.


I knew it was a scam by the wording of the email, but thought i'd check it out anyways.

Thanks again, I'll be telling people about your page and the list of known scammers you've posted there.

I wish they would all put their energy and time into something positive and creative.

All the best to you, keep up the great work.



  1. Dennis Morgan must be related to Philip Walace, a scammer who uses the email address

  2. It's not impossible but a little harder to randomize and make up the email address - particularly when they are actually expecting a certain percentage of people to believe the email and write back to them - so the email has to be real enough to receive a reply (though accounts like gmail and hotmail and yahoo are easy enough to sign up for in untraceable ways and dispose of when necessary). But the username? That's completely easy to just makeup as they go along. That they don't randomize these *more* actually surprises me.

  3. Philip Wallace also emailed us for a print wanting to have his shipper pick up as he had been transferred to UK. He sent check for $2,100.00 and wanted us to send cash via Western Union for about $1,800.00. He got a little snotty when I said no and emailed us that he was turning this over to "Local Authority." I emailed him that was OK I gave his check, emails to FBI and that they also had voice print of his cell message.

  4. Oh that is TOO funny! A scammer thinking if he made a threat to turn you in that you would fold and send $1800 to him (see - its not small money they go for in these scams - it adds up!)

    Glad you didn't go for it!

  5. phisiology001 is now going as Brian Matt who want to make his home unique and beautiful with my paintings!!!

  6. Thanks so much for posting this. I'm an artist, and Dennis Morgan just emailed me. I am so happy I googled his name!!!!

  7. I just got some inquiries about my paintings from a Dennis Morgan too! Glad I googled his email address- (Tesojue is a Nigerian musician) He says he is from Washington DC but I kind of doubt it now.

  8. his email address was in case anyone else hears from him. He originally contacted me from Now there is a warning from gmail about that address but there wasn't when I first got the of course I responded to him with links to my work and my phone number...oh well- live and learn- at least I am not out any money or art.

  9. I also received a request for my handcrafted mirrors from DENNIS MORGAN ( I was suspicious from the start so I went cautiously. At the end of many emails, he said he could only pay in certified check and I said I would only accept payment from PAYPAL. That put an end to things quickly!

    His story was that he lived in DC and his company was moving him to Turkey. This person is quite smart about it because Turkey has been in the news a lot, and wouldn't it make sense for a government worker from DC to be stationed in Turkey?

    What I don't understand is, what does he gain from this? Is he looking for free craft to furnish his house? He never asked for money from me.
    Maybe that was later in the game.

    Then, a good friend of mine gave me this link, which I will definitely visit regularly.

  10. When the scammer says he will pay by certified check, he will overpay saying it will include all the shipping for his stuff and could you just deposit the check and wire the shipping money to the shipper. The shipper doesn't exist and the money gets wired directly to the scammer and once picked up, is as good as stealing cash. Then the victim will find out the original check is counterfeit. So the victim is out the amount they wired to the scammer, often several thousands of dollars.

    This scam is not about the items they are pretending to buy - it is about the money wired which is like cash at that point and untraceable.

    To avoid this scam never accept overpayment for any reason and never wire money to or for someone attempting to buy something from you.

  11. Hi Kathleen,

    Over the last few days, I have had a scam contact and in researching
    things, I came upon your page about art scamming.

    The first email came from "Brian Matt" with an email of, to which I replied.

    Then he started a 2nd string of emails with an address of

    After replying with more information about the artworks "he was interested
    in", he replied with a 3rd string with an address of
    but with the name "Joshua Lucin", which when I googled that name, I found
    your page.

    True to most of what you said, not a real mastery of English, oddly
    formatted, more than happy to send money, new home in Turkey and "his
    shipper will take care of it".

    Would it help if I forward the first email to you? I can also email any of
    his original emails with the full header information if that helps.

    Thank you very much for the information you're putting out there!

  12. "Dennis" emailed me with the same story about moving to Turkey, wanting to buy two paintings. He was So disappointed to find only one was still available. Then I got the latest ne about "killing two birds with one stone" and paying me the movers fee which He wanted me to send on. I don't think so! Sounded like a scam from the beginning. Told him PatPak only, only my fee ( income tax issues). And guess what? He disappeared! It wonderful that you have this site. He is using another email " tesojuedennis@"

  13. Sorry. I meant to type PayPal not "PatPak"' Just to add one more thing. Kathleen, you are doing a great service to artists! Thank you. Until Red Flags went up in this guy Dennis's emails, I had no idea Art Scams went on. I don't do much online selling. I find no all of this disturbing. At least I'm old enough to not be so trusting of those I don't know. This blog confirmed my suspicions.