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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scam Email: Susan Ronald

This is an email I received today. It is the old-fashioned 'help-me, I'm desperate' scam type. I looked in the email header and the email originated from a server belonging to in venezuela (IP number Here is the content of the "plea for help":
From: ""
Subject: Mrs. Susan Ronald From Philippines Very Urgent

Mrs. Susan Ronald From Philippines Very Urgent,
Email;( [links to])

Dearest One,
I know is wrong to contact you through this means but I am desperate and my present condition now is too frustrating, that was why I use this medium to fasting up my request.
My name is Mrs. Susan Ronald, the wife of late Mr. Nicole Ronald, a former Special Adviser during President Joseph Estrada regime in Philippines . who is recently killed in Philippine, during my husband's regime as a Special Adviser ,he realized some reasonable amount of money from various deals that he successfully executed, and he have many businesses in the united state of America ,but now the Government has seized all his banks accounts and properties in Philippines and in America including my own as his wife ,making me and my child to leave with nothing, well before my late husband was killed, my husband secretly deposited a trunk box containing the sum of ( $12,000,000) Twelve Million USD with a security company abroad during the reign of president Joseph Estrada government were he serve as a Special Adviser , which nobody or the government , did not no about it ,expect me as his wife

I believe God will use you to bring out this money out of the security company abroad that is why i am contacting you as a God fearing someone who will not seize the money when you claim it out of the security company, What I would want you to do is to assist me to get the consignments withdrawn from the security company, i will give you 20% of the total money for your assistance. There is no risk in this transaction. I will use the remaining balance of the money for an investment in your country for the future of my child.
Bear in mind that this transaction remains confidential to yourself alone

Please get back to me for more information at ( [links to]).

Thank you and God bless.
Best regards Mrs. Susan Ronald.

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