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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Artist Experience: Jessica Bianchi Scam Email Part II

Speaking of the Jessica Bianchi scam email, here is an email an artist sent me:

Hi Kathleen,

Bless you for posting your Art Scam info....
I received a request from Jessica Bianchi from Belaruse, with a request to send two paintings via some shipper in England, (no website, no business listed in the UK) when I called them, their telephone number did not exist, so I surfed on Jessica's name and came up on your blog.... Jessica wanted me to charge her account then send by Western Union $380 to cover the shipment.

it sounds the same with a few different notes, what a song...

do you mind if I pass this bit along to my artist friends?

I also google earthed both the location of Miss Bianchi, and the shipper.... Their locations didn't look right. One a slum in England, definately not a business address for a courier, and the Belaruse address was some kind of apartment complex that was not in a neighborhood where people could afford a $380 rush shipping job.

Peace to you and blessings for your blog

1 comment:

  1. Hi, thanks for the warning!! I just received this email from this person so she/he is still active.

    regards jaap

    I and my Cousin have interest in purchasing some piece of Art from your gallery hence i will like to know if you sell internationally (Belarus) and also if you accept (Credit Card) as a method of payment,if you do i want you to get back to me with your updated webpage, so that i can make choice of the Art to purchase from your gallery.
    Your response is needed so that we can proceed.
    I await your response.