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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scam Email: Kurt Amelles

Here is an email I received from an artist this morning:

I got an art scam email today and your site was a help. Looks like a variation with a new address involved. The email did not seem right to me so I checked the headers and researched it out and came across your site -Stop Art Scams. Its upsetting that these people prey on artists- who have made a career scraping away an existence for their art. Whoever this is I regard them as pond scum.
Thanks for your efforts,

From: Kurt Amelles []
Subject: Interested in your work

 saw a preview of your work via a friend of mine Nancy Welsh she reside
in New Jersey she a send me a link to a site that previewed your work so
 am writing in request to know if you can direct me to your own personal
 website where i can view more of your work and see if we can reach an
agreement in purchasing some of it.    I am aconstruction
engineer by profession in Madrid Spain am going to be displaying your
work in both my office and resident my friend also tell me  about  your
creative approach to you work and it's creativeness i do not reside in
the England which as been a major concern to me on our to purchase your
piece can you send me images or website to your new work.ThanksKurt

This is a pretty typical "first email" in the scam process. This particular scammer took no effort to format his email properly and it didn't really make sense that someone (just a made up name) sent a link that showed the work but at the end he is asking for images or the website.

Fortunately, this artist followed her instinct to google the guy's name and of course, we've reported on this before.

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  1. A hello,
    Funny, but this is exactly the same text that I received from Eliot Graham