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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Artist Experience: Dennis Matt Scam Email II

Here is an email from an artist who trusted her instincts when the email didn't seem right and googled the name - fortunately this blog came up to offer her confirmation of her suspicions.

Another artist saved!

Hi Kathleen,

Thank you so much for your informative website to "Stop Artist Scams. Today I received a very crudely written email from Dennis Matt, inquiring about the purchase of one of my paintings. I "smelled a rat", so to speak!! Trusting my intuition, I Googled Dennis Matt and stumbled upon your website.  Needless to say, I am extremely grateful to you for your care and concern for fellow artists!

The E-mail address on the message is:  Dennis Matt [] for your growing list of offenders.

Keep up the good work, Kathleen!

Warmest Regards,



  1. Thank God I saw this. I was about to be scammed by the same guy

  2. Today Dennis Matt tried to scam me with the very same email. Red flags went up and found this site. Thank you so much!!!

  3. Glad we help stop this one in its tracks for you. Every artist alerted in time is a win!

  4. I received an email from Dennis Matt yesterday about purchasing one of my drawings. He asked the price and told me he would send me a certified check but he wanted his "shipping agent" to pick it up and asked me to pass on the agent's fee to him. Thanks a million for the warning. Like the comment above, I "smelled a rat".

  5. Thank you so much for this web service, I was just about to be scammed by this same guy "Dennis Matt" but was saved by this web site. Artists beware!!!

  6. Thank you for your information. I'm new at this and thought DENNIS MATT's offer was 'too good to be true'. THANK YOU so much for doing this to protect others! Judy