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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scam Email: Serena Wilcox

Here is a scam email just received this morning (and forwarded to me) from an artist who has a studio right next to me in the ICB Building in Sausalito, CA. She was knowledgeable enough to know immediately it was a scam.

I put this one under the category of super lazy scammer, who didn't even bother to personalize anything or find out what this person they are emailing might even be selling. Lazy!

[poor formatting below is intentional as that is how they send these emails. It always amazes me how they never clean up their formatting and spelling errors. But it certainly helps us identify them as scams!]

From: serena wilcox []

I want to place an order in your store,and i will like to know if you ship to Australia and my method of payment will be credit card. So please let me know if you can assist me with the order ,And please do not forget to include your web page in your replying back to my mail.I will await your prompt response as soon as you receive this mail


  1. "She" just tried to hit us Chicago Gallery
    Thanks for the Blog

  2. Yes, we are getting reports from all over today, so it is clear this spammer has just sent a massive mailing. Be on the alert!