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Monday, July 26, 2010

Scam Email: Brad Scott

Here is an email I received this morning from a tattoo artist:

Brad Scott [] has sent me an e mail for a tattoo for 10 people on vacation. The long and short of it he gives me a credit card # I charge 3500.00 twice, send his girl friday 5000.00 for their trip incidentals and I keep 2000.00 for the tattoos they will get. ha ha. I have reported them to the county fraud division. If it's too good to be true it is!


  1. can you post the full email from Brad Scott, including the header information?

  2. This was posted back in July so I don't have access to the full email anymore, but if you want to forward the email you are wondering about (with full headers), I can help identify it as a scam or not.

    In general - ALL these emails have one thing in common: the use of a third-party shipper, even if they pretend at first they will "pick it up". The other common aspect is this idea of when they send a check (or try to pay by a fraudulent credit card), they will always pay more that what is owed and ask for the difference to be sent via Western Union back to them (usually to their non-existent shipping company but not always).

    If the email you are wondering about has either or both of these two characteristics, the odds that it is a scam are indeed super high.

  3. We got this one to our studio email:

    "My Name is Brad Scott. I am in process of giving my new house to an interior designer/decorator for designing/decoration of my new house. Its four flats of three bed rooms each, i need an artwork in each flat. Kindly get back to me with the best mediums of your art work drawings/painting which you believe will be good as my wife loves artworks so much.

    I will send you several good images of the pictures i want you to use for the artworks via Us Mail, UPS or FedEx on a CD or via email. Confirm if this will help. The pictures are 4 english houses which you will have a painting/drawing of them with a garden sorrounding it and one or two animals in there like birds. which is total of 4 art painting/drawings and in size of 30 x 40 inches each for the four flats.

    The artworks will be shipped unframed to my interior designer as she will put the flame and color to suit her colors as she suggested. All installations by the interior designer has to be from 20th of August 2010 and the artworks are expected to be shipped by then, kindly confirm that this will not pose any problem to you.
    Get back to me with your media, that's the types of paintings/drawings you makes e.g Digital & Mixed media Painting, Acrylics, Pastels and confirm the exact amount for each drawings to enable me make the selection and conclude payments arrangements for the drawing to commence as soon as possible
    I hope your firm accepts credit card as mode of payment?

    Awaits your email with the confirmation that your firm can handle this and also with your media and cost.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Brad Scott."

    from the same email address, trademark Nigerian Scam broken English!

  4. Yes, this contains just a slight variation in the "story". Instead of the classic 'I'm relocating and work with a third party shipper', this one uses the I'm decorating and using a third party interior decorator. Same scam. They will use a stolen credit card, attempt to send lots more than owed (with some story about how they didn't know how much the interior decorator needs to be paid yet) and ask you to take what you are owed and send the "difference" via western union to the interior decorator (which is really just them). Same ole scam, presented slightly differently.

    So glad you saw through it right away and didn't lose any money or your art!

  5. mrbradleyscott015@gmail is his email, and he tried to scam me on craisglist. Lucky for me he is not smart enough to be a scammer, and I saw right through his horrible story.