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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scam Email: Richard Gallacher

Here is a scam email that arrived this morning from one of those lazier scammers who didn't even bother to personalize the email. It has so little information that sometimes people reply asking for more information and that gets them hooked into the next step in the scam. But notice how he actually asks for the website address so if they DO reply, he'll have more information to personalize his next email. Silly!

From: Richard Gallacher []
Subject: Order

Hello there,
  My name is Richard Gallacher and i live in the United Kingdom. I am writing to inquire about some of your products which i am highly interested in buying. I would like to know if you can sell to me and i shall be paying with my credit card. In you response,kindly include your website address so that i may look further to see if i can get more interesting things that i can buy.

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