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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scam Email: Clark Elster

We've had previous reports on the use of this name. Before the email associated with Clark Elster was [] and now its []. I've also seen pretty common use of the email service - so its either the same guy always using that service under different faked names or its just a service easy for a bunch of different scammers to exploit.

In any case, here is an email I received this morning.

Hello Kathleen,

I just wanted to thank you for posting the information about the scammers. I received an email from a guy called Clark last night saying he was interested in purchasing two of my paintings. I didn't doubt about it at all because I never had fraudulent purchase in my mind (I thought that only happened to famous artists). Besides, he mentioned the names of my pieces. I responded to his email saying one of the paintings was not available and I told him about a few other similar ones he might be interested in. He replied, said, he was glad that all the pieces were available, and he would send me a cashier's check, he was going to go abroad soon for a business proposal, he would have a shipping agent to pick up the artworks....

I felt a little bit weird about his reply. While I was just about to tell him again that one of the pieces was not available, I googled his email address and found your site! His email is  []

Thank you, thank you so much for fighting back. You're not alone.

Best regards

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