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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Scam Email: Jim McCarter

Here's another person just saved from losing money:

OMG thank you so much for all the wonderful information!!

I have been emailing a guy back and forth that placed a very large order of my pepper jelly line.  He wouldn’t answer any questions when I asked him where he’d seen me, etc.  The name he is using is Jim McCarter.  His email address is

He wants me to send it through Diamond Freights Cargo.  Their email is
I emailed Diamond freight as he said, they gave me a quote.  I got an email back from Micheal Wheeler with a phone number.   I called the phone number given…it was an Asian man in Atlanta GA, then  I got an email from Micheal and it gave me a huge quote for shipping, and directions saying they only accept payment via Western Union.  Once the payment has been deposited, they would come pick up my product……the red flag went up to me when the deposit was suppose to be made to a Bryan Anderson in Austin TX!!

Then I looked up Diamond truckline…..I talked to one of the head honchos and told him my story.  He said it sounded really hokey to him also but that he was the  truckline, not the cargo company

 I then emailed Jim McCarter back and told him I thought that Diamond Cargo Co. was very fishy to me.  He reassured me that it would be fine….just keep on proceeding with the order.  That is when a friend of mine told me about your scam site.

Thank goodness!!

 So please add Jim McCarter to your list of scammers and his partners in crime Micheal Wheeler and Bryan Anderson.  (prob. All 1 person!

I hope this helps someone……as you did me.

Thank you so much,


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