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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scam Email: Rose Williams

I love when I get scam emails directly in my box. Bold of them to just put aside the fact that I am going to post everything I can figure out about their email immediately, that it is my mission to post their ass on the internet for others to find. If only it was their REAL ass...but I digress. Here is the email that just came in:

To: undisclosed recipients
From: Rose Williams []
Subject: Hello


is everything with you, I picked interest on you when i saw your email.
I really want to have a good friendship with you. Beside i have
something very vital to disclose with you, but I found it difficult to
express myself here, since it's a public site. I will be very happy, If
you can get back to me, through my e-mail Is  So we can get to know
each other better,and i well give you my pictures and also tell you
more about me ok

Rose .

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