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Friday, September 10, 2010

Scam Email: Terry Williams

We are seeing a lot of alerts on this very same scam, with different emails and names. Look at the content of the email - this basic content of the email doesn't change all that much. As I mentioned in a previous post, in the last round that this particular email was floating around, some people actually fell for it and lost money, so the scammers are highly motivated to try and catch more "flies". Do NOT be one of them!

First Email:
Hello Sales,
Good morning and its nice contacting you,am  here in Australia for a
business transaction....i came across your  websites while browsing and found out
you have the best quality of  products...i will like to make an order
from your store to my shop  abroad in United Kingdom....
I will like to know if you ship abroad and  also if payment by credit card
is okay by you...hope to read back from you  so as for me to give you the
list of the items  needed..
Terry Williams
Williams Goods Ltd
343  Bold Street,Liverpool L1 4DS,United  Kingdom
Second email after artist replied:
Subj: Re: Order Inquiry!!!!!!

Thanks for the response and am sorry for  the late in reply it was due to
my tight schedule in business and no problem  with the means of payment you
suggested i will kindly want to have the  websites address so as for me to
select the items needed,i had lost it and  couldnt get it in my file..
Poor scammer, couldn't even get the faked name right at the end of the reply. And hey - I actually used a similar ploy with a scammer as this one used in the reply - I had said I had lost the original email and which pieces of artwork were they interested in - knowing they would never be able to match up what they had originally said. Now they are using the oh, dear - lost the information, please give it to me again ploy.

Okay, people - these scam emails really do look all alike after awhile. Familiarize yourself with the basic structure and get good at recognizing them when they FIRST come in. Let's have no more victims on this round, okay???


  1. Terry Williams has moved into other fields with the same scam. He pretends to be an importer in Australia, offering to pay by credit card, as long as the US exporter pays a the very heavy shipping costs to a third company: Globaworld(sic) shipping. This company is run by one Richard Moore, who seems to have gone to same English classes as Terry!

  2. Yes, we also have posts on "Dennis Moore" and "Kenny Moore" so for all we know, it's the same small group of perpetrators with very small imaginations to come up with new names - or all these guys are using some kind of automated software where all this is templated with limited choices. In either case, I've never understood the horrible spelling and grammatical errors that are so consistently a part of these scam emails.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Below is an email string from a teryy Williams trying to scam me on my Craigs List sell:

    From: Terry William []
    Sent: Monday, October 03, 2011 2:59 PM
    Subject: Re: [name of item] - $4300 (Littlestown, PA)

    Thanks for the response, I'm seriously interested in this posted AD and i will really love to purchase it right away. Kindly put off the ad right away and consider me as your favorite buyer and I will have my shipper come over for the handling of the shipping down to my place after payment has been received. I will be making the payment through PayPal as paypal is safe and secured for transactions online, advice soon as I'm at sea at the moment as a marine engineer and due to the nature of my work, phone calls making and visiting of website are restricted but i squeezed out time to check this advert and send you an email regarding it. I'm buying this for my personal use, If this is acceptable kindly get back to me with your paypal email address and the details below so i can proceed with the payment. I can only pay through paypal at the moment as i do not have access to my bank account online,but i have it attached to my paypal account, and this is why i insisted on using paypal to pay all i will need is your paypal email address to make the payments,and if you do not have a paypal account yet,its pretty easy to set one up at,i will be expecting your email.
    I will need this following details so i can proceed with the payment right away
    Are you the first owner:
    Your PayPal e-Mail Address:
    full name:
    What is your reason for selling it?
    Last price
    I'm sorry, just want to be sure about the sale before i proceed

    Thank you

  4. I am a travel agent and my friend and guide in Italy had been contacted by "Terry Williams" to plan a very expensive party for 20 people, 4 days in Italy. She passed this email to me, as she only works as a guide, not as an agent. When I called the phone number provided to see about the details of the hotel stay, meals, party, etc...he was totally unprepared for my questions...which were real...and he was bogus. Someone in the background was prompting him on the details. When he suggested that he paid by check...we said that would not be possible...he agreed to credit card, but I would have to forward funds to another person for the airfare...I said that would not be possible...and have not heard from him since. I feel sorry for all the genuine Terry Williams, as the name will always raise a "red flag" in my mind.

  5. He also now sells antique auto parts from England. The reason they get away with using the same name over and over is most people are too caught up in completing the deal to bother validating who they are doing business with.

    Anyhow, below is the latest e-mail...

    "If you are still in the market for this purchase let me know as I can
    help. What's your phone number?

    Best regards,

    Terry Williams
    42 Fishergate, Preston, GB PR1 2AD, United Kingdom."

  6. Investment scam as well:

    I wish to work with you on some new investment. I am sending an SMS as your server keeps rejecting details sent via email. Do send a confirmation of your interest: so we may discuss further

  7. I wish it to be clear that none of this item has anything to do with the genuine Terry Williams Google postings, which appear with my photograph. I sell nothing- and I certainly do not live in Australia. I am a retired and well known Art school tutor. Full name Terence.

  8. I constantly get texts saying I have been approved for a loan (never applied) or won a contest (never entered) or with high paying jobs or blah blah blah. The weird thing is, they always call me Terry or Terry Williams!! :( My name is Daisy. I am so sick of spamy scammers. It is a HUGE crime ring in their country.

  9. He also scam with instagram social media, chat private, than said he love my pict, try to make me fall in love with him, than he said he want to invest something in my country (with stranger? please dont be kidding )... so please be careful ladies

  10. TERRY WALLUM WILLIAMS of Dudley, Midlands, DY1 1RE
    07451202899 07451 202899 07451 202 899

    New reincarnation.
    trying to scam me out of either smartphone advertised on Gumtree or of the payment.
    He wanted to pay by PayPal.

    "Is your ""Title of whole advert"" Still available for sale on gumtree and what's your last asking price?"

    "Am ok with your asking, Do you have a PayPal account so I can remit your payment asap. I will cover for postage fee"

    "Item will be posted to Midlands DY1 1RE and i will cover for the postage fee and extra charges"

    "So Kindly get back to me with your paypal email adress so i can remit you the payment right away. Thanks"
    I've asked him what is the name and address to send it to and he replied:
    "Ok Item will be posted to Midlands DY1 1RE and am Terry Wallum Williams. Thanks"

    I've asked him what is the full address and he replied:
    "Wil give you that after am done with the payment"

  11. I've had the same as Anonymous above. Literally the same texts - trying to scam me out of an iPad. I received an email from "PayPal" - at first glance it looks legitimate, but I logged into PayPal and saw nothing, and the email address it came from was bogus.
    Sadly a lot of people will fall for these scams!

  12. Just had Terry Wallum Aston do exactly the same to me for an iPhone off gumtree. I thought the email looked suspect as the funds did not show in my PayPal account. He is now chasing me for the phone and I've told him PayPal are investigating.

  13. Fell for exactly the same scam as above with the paypal email that looked suspicious. Sadly as I did not know paypal well- i did not check properly. Now down some 200. I even tried to contact royal mail to delay the parcel delivery. But that is a different fraud. Can one go to the address where ghe item was delivered and knock on the door? Wonder if anyone has tried that or is it too dangerous?

    1. Just got scammed today parcel was delivered to flat in london didnt check paypal till it was too late hes still using name terry wallum matthews. same tried contacting royal mail they said there was nothing they can do . Informed police and fraud squad what a waste of time. wish id seen this site ages ago.

  14. I have had dealings with Terry wallum or tate. He supposedly bought my daughters wedding dress .I posted after receiving an email from pay pal saying funds had been received. Being a novice I did not check .posted dress to find payday was a fraud list £1300.00

  15. I am sorry to hear that. This is how scammers are leveraging PayPal, which people think is somehow safer. Scammers will either do what they did to you, hoping the victim never actually checks paypal to see if the money was really deposited, or they say they will pay with paypal and then come up with some lame fake story about why it is not working and they will just send a check (which will be counterfeit).

    PayPal is NOT safer unless we open a brand new browser window (do not click on links in their fake paypal email), log in separately, and check to see if the money has been deposited, and do that right away.

    We must all be on the alert as scammers continually refine their practices... but sadly, the basics of this scam have not changed in over 20 years.

    Thanks for sharing your story so that others will be alerted.

  16. Terry wallum is a scam low life he is able to send fake paypal emails that look really legit, i put a ninetendo switch games and accessories on gumtree he got me to send it to 7a cheapside north circular road to his so called son aaron tate and i got conned out off 280 pound i even paid next day delivery for the item he told me paypal would unhold my money once i sent him the tracking number, the next day was still nothing in my acc
    ount so we went to royal mail to try get them to stop the parcel as we had found out from the real paypal it was a scam but they where unable to as is is illegal to stop mail